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Yuasa Super MF Pafecta

Yuasa Super MF Pafecta does not require maintenance and is free from risk / splashing of electrolyte acid as it is designed for use in various positions with temperature conditions up to 50 ℃. Unique gas recombination technology manjaga battery life more durable.

Battery type according to periodic maintenance

Maintenance Free

Ready to use and specifically designed for the tropics.
The condition of the battery is easily monitored with an indicator / cat's eye.
Free maintenance of battery water addition.
Free from corrosion-causing gas.

Dry charged - immediate content start - can be stored longer.
Equipped with handles for easy installation.
Complete in various types, and trusted as original parts by some of the leading car manufacturers in Indonesia.
Product description

- Made from quality materials and license from japan

-Easy to install without changing any other part

- Can be used at high temperature temperatures so it is safe to use for 24 hour industrial plant activities

-We guarantee 2 x 24 hours product warranty from the time of receipt in case of damage caused by product quality and not installation errors or anything else

-Products can be returned if they are not in accordance with the quality we have stated above

-Back 100% money if the product does not match and not the fault of the demand of goods from the customer

Product Specifications

The advantages over the Yuasa brand

Top Brand

The year 2008-2015 is a year that proves consumer confidence in our products. With the TOP BRAND Index the highest, making YUASA selected as TOP BRAND in motorcycle and car battery category.

ISO 14001

In addition, PT Yuasa Battery Indonesia has also achieved ISO 14001: 2004 Certificate of Environmental Management System. This is a testament to the commitment and consistency of PT Yuasa Battery Indonesia in maintaining and implementing the system and contributing to environmental awareness and sustainability.

ISO 9001

PT. Yuasa Battery Indonesia is committed to producing high quality batteries for customer satisfaction based on ISO 9001: 2008 quality system.


Yuasa battery production is in accordance with the required by the Indonesian National Standard.

Suitable for use on type:

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ROMEO ARDELL WA o8I7-o3I3-6s72

We also sell various types of forklift batteries

12N24-4 26 Ah 12 Volts

NS40 32 Ah 12 Volt

NS40 (S) 32 Ah 12 Volt

NS40L 32 Ah 12 Volt

NS40Z 35 Ah 12 Volt

NS40Z (S) 35 Ah 12 Volts

NS40ZL 35 Ah 12 Volt

NS40ZL (S) 35 Ah 12 Volt

NS60 45 Ah 12 Volt

NS60 (S) 45 Ah 12 Volt

NS60L 45 Ah 12 Volt

NS60L (S) 45 Ah 12 Volt

N50 50 Ah 12 Volt

5050 N50L 12 Volt

555-59 55 Ah 12 Volt

55D23L 60 Ah 12 Volt

55D23R 60 Ah 12 Volt

60 Ah N50Z 12 Volt

N50ZL 60 Ah 12 Volt

80D26L 65 Ah 12 Volt

NS70 65 Ah 12 Volt

NS70L 65 Ah 12 Volt

N70 70 Ah 12 Volt

N70Z 75 Ah 12 Volt

N70ZL 75 Ah 12 Volt

580-24C 80 Ah 12 Volt

95D31L 80 Ah 12 Volt

95D31R 80 Ah 12 Volt

N100 100 Ah 12 Volt

N120 120 Ah 12 Volt

N150 150 Ah 12 Volt

N200 200 Ah 12 Volt

(S) = Large terminal

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We also provide all forklift needs

Various Engine Spare Parts Among Other:

Block Cylinder
Head cylinder
Crank Shaft
Piston Assy
Piston Ring
Packing Set Overhaul
Valve Intake
Valve Exhaust
Liner (Buring)
Connecting ROD / Stang
Water Pump
Injection Pump
Work Equipment
Various parts of forklifts on body parts, among others:

Disc (Kopling Cluster)
Clutch Cover (Matahari)
Tie Rod
King Pin
Rim Assy (alloy wheels)
Hydraulic Pump
Fork (Forklift Fork)
and Other Forklift Spare Parts.
Various brands of life and death forklift tires that we provide include

Bridgestone Forklift Tires
Single Gajah Forklift Tires
ACHILLES forklift tires
Tire Forklift SOLID DEAL
Royal Crown Forklift Tire
and other

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